Life and Times of an Urban Yogi

Part 1—Spirituality and Sexuality (continued from previous)

We have become so conditioned to this labeling world that it has become second nature to us. We cannot understand that we cannot categorize. Our perception is boxed and discretized. We constantly chop up our reality and pigeonhole the fragments. He is Indian, she is American, they are Chinese, he is white, she is black, they are brown, he is Christian, she is Muslim, they are Buddhists, he is gay, she is lesbian, they are heterosexual… thus tells our mind to us in an unremitting refrain. And we adjust our intercourse, our strategies. The layers of skin keep growing and the exact same spark that is beneath it all, is no longer visible. Then how can we love? No, then how can I love? I must understand that I love, essentially, by loving Myself. Loving unconditionally, spiritually, sexually. Loving, loving, loving. Bleedingly loving. Deep burningly, loving. Loving every which way I can. Loving. Loving myself. Silently and noisily. For one must Love to Realize. And one must Embrace to Love. And one must be Near to Embrace. And how does one be Near? The secret of being Forever Near is in the Expansion of one’s consciousness. How in the deepest silence we balloon out and in the process, appropriate the scattered continents of the spirits. Then distances wither away; smallness and bigness, farness and nearness lose their meaning.

For All is within Me.

I see “I” as far as the Eye can see.


~ by urban yogi on March 10, 2008.

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